Asset and Structural Auditing

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Over time, a structure can lose its strength or becomes deformed through various means including a heavy load it supports, accidental damage, malicious damage and weather damage. An asset and structural audit carried out by K & M Solutions will look at the foundation of your asset or structure and determine any issues with how it currently exists. K & M Solutions are also qualified to meet the international standards according to procedure qualification records, production welds and welders.

At K & M Solutions, you can find different varieties of services including designing, drafting, and engineering for different welding and fabrication solutions to help you fix any issues present from our  asset and structural audit. We provide these services for our clients to maintain the quality of the assets along with the management in every aspect. We provide asset and structural auditing services for a lot of different materials including stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and mild steel.

The Importance of an asset and structural audit

When the welding quality is not up to standards or the structure does not fit into the industry expectations, there is more chance of issues arising with your machinery, buildings, items, structures and other units that have welding done. You cannot afford to let these risks linger on, as the longer an issue is not dealt with, the higher the risks involved should anything happen. To help you avoid these risks, whether it is from sub-standard welding work or it has diminished over time, the experts at K & M Solutions offer a complete asset and structural audit consisting of a wide range of testing services, which will include vital quality assurance that plays a great role for material safety and performance.

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Why choose K & M Solutions Welding Specialists?

We audit for compliance of safety, quality, and integrity of all your assets and structures. Our team of specialists have many years of experience in providing welding solutions for our clients and are experts in testing and identifying issues. Auditing for asset and structure needs to be done to make sure a project has been made and implemented according to specifications so you adhere to any regulations within your business and are covered by any laws.

If assets and structures are regularly changed, added to or modified, K & M Solutions highly recommend for you to get them audited on a regular basis. This ensures your asset or structures is performing correctly and no underlying issues have formed from anything that has happened to it.

With our professional Asset and Structural Auditing services, our clients can ensure compliant and safe projects are delivered according to the right specifications and time. This way, this process also assists them in mitigating and managing risks helping them reduce onsite accidents. Our diligent experts perform a variety of testing or auditing solutions, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Visual welding inspection
  • Welding invigilation
  • Mechanical testing
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Butt weld testing
  • Fillet weld testing

If you are looking for a quality and affordable Asset and Structural Auditing company to give solutions in the welding sector, then please feel free to Contact us and get the best quote!