Fabrication Welding

K & M Solutions offer a unique service where we can weld all different materials & components for any type of job. It is with this flexibility we can offer clients a complete packaged solution, helping them fix issues they are currently experiencing by offering them a cost effective solution.

Fabrication Welding consists of producing products, assets and components from raw or semi-raw materials and utilising one or more processes to create the final solution.

Fabricated ramps built by K & M Solutions

Fabrication Welding Processes

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The cutting process in fabrication welding is to divide a piece of material into two or more small pieces. Cutting is one of the most valuable processes because it is used to make sure materials are cut to size, removing any defects on a product or removing excess waste. The method once used for cutting was using a saw, however in modern days we have other methods of cutting materials including using plasma, waterjet or lasers.

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Parts and materials may need to be bent in certain ways to achieve the desired result. Metal needs to be shaped into many different unique layouts, including v-shape or u-shape forms to create a desired result

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Machining involves removing metal from a material or product. The machining process can involve intricate processes, removing small parts of a project to achieve he desired result. Machining is also used for large scale projects, using our state of the art tools in creating a solution.

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Punching involves cutting out a piece within the metal and creating a hole. Punching is done by using a punch and die, where the die cuts out the hole. The punch and the die must exactly match the shape and size of the planned hole.

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Rolling is the procedure of creating a radius or cylinder out of plate material. Rolling has a number of uses for different scenarios including creating bend or spirals, or building a pipe-like component that is attached or placed over the top of other units.

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Welding in its simplest terms is the process of joining two pieces of metal together. There are many different processes and applications of welding methods that are used depending on the job. You can rely on K & M Solutions knowing all these processes and are fully equipped to take on welding any job

Fabrication welding examples are all around us and can be seen everyday with normal items, tools & machines used. Some examples of where fabrication welding is used includes our cars we drive, the houses we live in, the bridges we drive over and many other aspects.

For a professional job to be completed, you can rely on K & M Solutions to produce an amazing product using cost effective and efficient processes to create an amazing solution. We have many tools for the job including a break press, plate rolls and double pulse mig welders.

If you would like to hire K & M Solutions for any welding jobs then please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us a message through our contact form or calling us on 0448 886 089