Manufacturing of Safety Components

K & M Solutions Specialised Welding offer a unique solution for many onsite locations, worksites and general areas where work is completed to reduce risk of accidents. We can manufacture safety components to help relive stress in high risk situations where work is carried out. Our safety components are built with strength and quality using cost effective measures to deliver the best possible product.

We understand many situations in a businesses premise or on-site work can pose potentially deadly circumstances, that is why we are at the forefront of manufacturing safety components for all types of situations to reduce accidents and keep people safe.

What can K & M Solutions Manufacture?

Every location and worksite have different setups, layouts and hazards. K & M Solutions can manufacture custom and unique components depending on the circumstances, tailor made for you. We will discuss with you your current setup and identify what may be needed to create a safer environment. We will then get to work and manufacture the particular components needed to supply for you.

Some of our regular components

Temporary Handrail over a train track

Temporary Handrails

Temporary Handrails – Workers can spend hours, days or weeks in certain predicaments where they are performing their jobs but have a high-risk hazard of a sharp fall behind or to the side of them. K & M Solutions can build temporary handrails for the safety of all works in these hazardous positions.

Temporary Railing manufactured by K & M Solutions

Temporary Platforms

Temporary Platforms – Do you need work done on the side of structures, buildings, large machines or other places where you need people to stand safely and perform their work? K & M Solutions can build a temporary platform to allow people to work freely on different jobs, giving them the freedom of being able to walk and move if needed.

Mobile Platform manfactured by K & M Solutions

Mobile Platforms

Not only can be build temporary platforms, but we can also manufacture mobile platforms. As you can guess from the name, these platforms are able to move. These are perfect for those jobs that span far or are around a large structure and there needs to be a constant platform. K & M Solutions will manufacture a safe and easy to use mobile platform for your job.

Row of Hard Barriers

Hard Barriers

Barriers are quite simple in nature, but very effective at getting the point across. Our hard barriers can create a buffer between safe & dangerous zones, while having the durability to endure the weather, getting hit and also being moved around. Talk to K & M Solutions Specialised Welding about what barriers we can build for your business or situation.

Machine guards over moving components

Machine Guards

Protect the moving parts on your machines by having K & M Solutions Welding Specialists build you a machine guard, custom fitted and designed for your specific circumstance. Not only do these guards help protect the machine, but they also protect workers from accidently falling into the machine.

These are just some safety components we can manufacture, if you have a specific need then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0412 519 268 or send us a message using our contact form.